Qualitative scaffold construction checks. That is the work of Reget Project Services (RPS).

Our checks are aimed at increasing security and ensuring the quality of the scaffold. We are independent, so you can also contact us for a second opinion or independent advice.


The safety of the scaffolding is your responsibility

As soon as the scaffolding is ready for use, you as client have the legal responsibility for the safety of it.

You do not want something to happen. Therefore it is important that now but also in the future the scaffold meets all requirements. Often as a client you do not have the right knowledge or you lack time to regularly check the scaffolding. That is why we act as an independent consultancy, to increase safety and to guarantee the quality of the scaffolding.

The inspections are carried out by a certified scaffolding inspector and are in accordance with the current standards and guidelines. After the inspection you will receive a critically prepared advice report from us.